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Mindleaders was founded in 1981 to provide effective, convenient and easy-to-use self-paced training taught through a personal computer. Today, Mindleaders is a leader in Web-based training providing enterprise-quality courses to businesses, government agencies, non-profit organizations and home office users worldwide.
Our Web-based training library is comprised of desktop, technical, professional and practical skills courses. We currently offer over 1,900 topics. Our courses are designed specifically for efficient presentation through internal business networks and the Internet. The company has been pioneering the development of interactive, self-paced training for fast presentation over the Web since 1996. Businesses and home office users ranging in size from start-ups to multi-national corporations, including over 1,000 large organizations, rely on our courses for their just-in-time training and reference needs.

As the fastest growing business segment in the world today, Small Office Home Office workers need and want all the advantages available to them. We haven't met a SOHO yet who wasn't trying to become more productive, make their next presentation more effective, build a better web site, or track their customers more efficiently.

In today's information age, those who understand how to manage, process, and manipulate information are the people who quickly become invaluable to an organization. Strong computer skills are a must for advancing your career and for maximizing your worth to an organization. The more valuable you can make yourself to your organization, the more money you deserve and can justify being paid. These courses will strengthen your computer skills and help you become more valuable to your organization.

Creating your first web site can be a rewarding experience. Your creative efforts can be realized quickly and seen by many. It's a great way to communicate with your friends and family. The courses listed here will not only get you started, but will also put you on the road to creating more complex web sites.

Corporate Training
Companies cannot afford to send people off for a week to take a class. Travel itself makes such training too expensive and disruptive. Add in lost productivity and it just doesn't make sense. Can any company really afford to be sending employees off for a week - or even a few days - for classroom training every time a new version of a key technology comes out? E-Learning is the answer to today's training challenges. With MindLeaders' skill assessment modules, managers and employees can figure out what training is needed and then start a training program that allows them to track the results.

Double Guarantee
1. If you are not completely satisfied with the quality of the online training courses, simply cancel within 7 days, and receive a 100% refund.
2. If you find any training course that covers as much material, elsewhere (before or within 30 days of your purchase from for a lower price, you will be eligible for our "100% price protection" program.

Online Training


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Jan 2010 - is undergoing redevelopment, while this site and the computer use and business tutorials will still be available at

Virtual Office

Jun 2009 - RingCentral Online is a new addition to our affiliate relationships offering virtual phone, fax and toll free numbers. Services are available in Canada as well as the US.

Comodo Internet Security

May 2009 - Comodo Internet Security has served as an excellent, free computer software but they now offer a pro version that includes so much more ... including 24/7 online computer tech support!